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Blab’s 1st Concert Party

To help celebrate 100+ plus days on Blab, I hosted the very first Blab Concert Party in The Jazz Lounge. It lasted three and a half hours! Not only was it fun, it “set the stage” for future Jazz Lounge Live Concerts to be scheduled.

Many great artists made themselves available for this fun event. They came in from around the world to make this event come to life. Click on the link below (“Blab’s First Concert Party”) and enjoy the concert!

Blab’s First Concert Party

Justin Young 2.png


Soren 3.png

Rick Parma.png

Rick Ryan Magdalena Robert.jpg

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Alchema-Wine Making at Home

Alchema Click for Interview

“Create your own fruit wine and get cozy at home…. “

With Alchema, making flavored wine becomes an easy breezy thing that can be done at home. Alchema is not only a brand, but also a term representing a quality lifestyle. Enjoy!

Oscar – Founder

Angel & Prototype

Hanning – Engineer

Jack – App Designer

Team Alchema